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Dave Kahle Top Gun Selling System;

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Top Gun Selling System – Webinar version

Can’t make the live sessions?  Consider the webinar version.

Using webinar technology, we make the same Top Gun Selling System available over seven one-hour sessions.

How the webinar works:

We have recorded seven one-hour webinars covering the same Top Gun Selling System material as in the live seminars, and placed them in The Sales Resource Center™ .This means that you can access the same information, anytime, 24/7, on your own computer.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Decide if you want each sales person to watch the webinars on his/her own, or if you want to bring them together and view them as a group.

    1. If they will watch individually, on their own time, add up the number of people who need access, and purchase that many seats, using the quantity discounts. (This will allow each sales person to view the material on their own computers, on their own schedule, saving you and them time.)

    2. If you want to bring them together, subscribe your office to the SRC, and bring everyone in to view the lessons as a group. (This is less expensive up front, but will cost you more in terms of travel time and time away from the field for the sales people.  Note:  Anyone providing their password and user name to someone else is a violation of our terms of service, and will result in immediate cancellation of the service.)

  2. You will have three months to complete the seven programs.

  3. When you gain access to the Sales Resource Center, view this program first. Pod-148: Top Gun Manager’s Implementation Session.

  4. Set up the schedule of when you want each session completed.  If you are bringing them together, you’ll need to connect via the internet, and attach speakers and a projector to your computer, so the group can watch and listen to the presentations.

  5. Each session ends with a specific assignment.

To view a short sample of one of Dave’s webinars, click here.

The plusses and minuses of this method…

You miss the excitement, the networking, and personal connection of a live event.

On the other hand, it’s less expensive, and since the content is spread over a period of time, sales people can be given assignments to master one part of the system before being exposed to the next.

You can have all of your sales people together in an office and discuss the content of the webinar among yourselves.

If you find it difficult to attend the live presentation, it’s a viable option.

See what some of our clients have said about the webinars.

Click here to review all the contents of the program

Questions?  Feel free to email us at info@davekahle.com or call 800-331-1287.

The webinar agendas:

Session One: Building the foundation.

We teach the fundamental concepts and paradigms on which the selling system is built, and make an assignment designed to change mind-sets and begin to think like a Top Gun.  

Session Two: Invest your sales time to gain the greatest return.

We introduce the concept of high potential, show them exactly how to rate each account on its potential, and then help them to begin to organize their sales time to spend more time with the highest potential accounts.  The assignment is to reorganize their time and territory plans, focusing on the high potential.

Session Three: Expanding the quantity and quality of your relationships.

We show them how many of their current ideas about their relationships are really detrimental to their success.  Then we encourage them to add to the quantity and quality of their relationships, and provide them with unique tools to assess both.  Their assignment is to improve both the quantity and quality of their relationships.

Session Four: Uncovering opportunities in depth and detail.

This is the keystone selling skill, upon which the entire sales process is based. Making use of concepts and tactics presented in Dave’s book, Question Your Way to Sales Success, we present eye-opening new ways to look at and execute this most important selling competency.  The assignment is to begin to use these new-found ideas to impact your sales results.

Session Five: Persuasive sales presentations

Take the initiative and offer opportunities for the customers to do more business with you.  That’s the idea transmitted in this session, with principles and practices to support it.  Sales people are given the assignment to make a certain number of bigger offers, after having been taught exactly how to do it.

Session Six: Closing

To gain an agreement with the customer (close the sale) is the ultimate purpose of every sales call.  We provide some unique ways to think about this, and a set of tools so that everyone can improve in this fundamental skill.  Their assignment is to practice and document their new understanding.

Session Seven: Acquiring new customers

We educate them in the process of acquiring new customers, teach the three most important aspects of a first call on a new person, show them exactly how to prepare for it, and then assign them the task of completing this preparation, and making a number of first calls.

As in the live seminars, they’ll learn:
  1. How to master the ultimate time management practice, and make much better use of their selling time.
  2. How to focus on the ultimate result of their efforts.
  3. How to collect the two most important pieces of information about their accounts.
  4. How to prioritize & target their accounts to maximize their selling time.
  5. How to strategically improve their business relationships.
  6. How to master the art of asking questions.
  7. How to create more and larger opportunities.
  8. How to present bigger deals.
  9. How to methodically create new customers.
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